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About This Project

Wohncenter Greifswald approached Alcinder Tech with the task of building them a new, bespoke website, to be completed within a tight deadline, and to a specific brief.

The design needed to be kept within Wohncenter’s strict brand guidelines and was created with conversion in mind. We used large, bright images and banners to showcase the fantastic, wide range of Wohncenter Greifswald’s products.

At the heart of this project was a need to capture the exceptional quality of the products on offer, which gives the company their unique position in the market. The site also needed to emphasise the value the company places on aftercare, another of their key selling points.

Alcinder tech designed the site to feature bold visuals that allowed the products to speak for themselves. Alcinder tech also incorporated a separate section for boutique to showcase some of the different products the company has undertaken without distracting from the main offer.

The fully responsive site means it works perfectly on any device. Alcinder tech provided a completely manageable backend to the website as functionality, ease of content and image admin was key. This ensured that the company could manage the site fully without any complications.

Zu Empfehlen! Alcinder Tech arbeitet genau, effizient und setzt alle Wünsche und Änderungen sofort um. Wenn er selbst eine Idee hat, bringt er diese mit ein und zeigt verschiedene Möglichkeiten. Zoom-Meetings oder WhatsApp-Calls funktionieren super und auch wenn man sich manchmal falsch versteht, frägt er solange nach bzw. nimmt sich die Zeit, bis es 100% passt! Einfach KLASSE.

  • Website Design for wohncenter greifswald product detail page

Key Features

  • Custom designed website powered by WordPress

  • Creative Menu

  • Blog

  • Contact Page

  • Product filters

  • Website Design for wohncenter greifswald product category
  • Website Design for wohncenter greifswald product category

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