About Us

We offer outstanding quality work at affordable prices in more than one way. It is a policy in our company to offer service packages that are right for you and your businesses. We work with you to find the best service packages that fit your needs, your financial standings and standards. In addition, our flexible payment plans always help reduce any financial stress on you and your business. Furthermore, we offer quality work that is worth your money since after all, true businessmen and women always search for quality work that is worth their every penny. Our packages offer vast and unique services, even in the most basic plans. As we reach our most premium packages, the services become more advanced and reach luxury quality.





At Alcinder Tech, you’ll get a high-grade, high-quality website designed specifically for your target market, products and brand. It will be easy to update, easy to navigate, search engine optimized and fully integrated with Facebook and other social networks. It will help you grow your business and leave your competition in the dust!

After all, in the 21st century, most of the influential aspects of the business are handled in the competitive and vast world of cyberspace. So at Alcinder Tech, we are committed to create web pages that stand out. We use the best quality original web graphics and designs in addition to the latest media tools to create professional, attractive, organized and unique web pages that not only satisfy your needs but exceed your expectations.

Our Process

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  2. Discover

    We start with your target market. Our experts will conduct thorough research to understand your business and the market. We will present a design that looks at critical elements such as layout, navigation, content and functionality.

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  2. Design

    Our web designers are some of the best in the business. We have developed a collaborative process utilising workshops, wireframing / prototypes and web design concepts which ensures we design a site that meets your vision and delivers against your objectives.

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  2. Develop

    Once the functionality is developed, your website is deployed to a staging environment for testing (on our internal server), where we can begin our rigorous testing and analysis process, as well as providing you with the training needed to get the most out of your site.

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  2. Launch

    Before launching, we do everything we can to ensure that there is a smooth transition. We conduct our full pre-launch checklist and ensure compatibility with the latest browsers and platforms, working closely with you to ensure that every objective has been met.

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  2. Evolve

    We recognise that for many businesses, the launch is just the beginning. We are perfectly positioned to help you capitalise on online marketing and SEO opportunities to build traffic, expand your audience and ultimately return the investment.

A bit of History

Alcinder tech was founded in 2011 in Bangladesh when we recognized a need for small and large businesses alike to leverage websites effectively.

We have since expanded our service offerings to grow with the needs of small businesses and have worked with not only the leading companies but individuals and companies worldwide.

What you can Expect

We are using What You Already Have. We won’t set out to sell you a whole new website or system (although we can design a new site or relaunch your current site if needed). We work with what you already have where possible—your existing website, your brand, your business needs—so you can start efficiently attracting and converting clients.

Integrity & Stability, We value all our clients and stand by them; something we have been doing since 2009. We are here to support your future needs, so you have peace of mind knowing that you always have a great team you can call on to get your website delivering results for your business.

The Technical Expertise to Perform Great Work It takes the experience of a variety of different backgrounds and expertise to produce excellent website results. You need a team that speaks your language (metaphorically and literally). The result is web work that exceeds expectations. Go ahead and give us a call. You can request a meeting, bounce questions off us or ask any web-related question. We’ll be there!

We are a team of highly professional and most sought after web design professionals. We offer quality service fast, efficiently and with outstanding quality and care. We work for you, with you and offer support as you build your ladder of success and reach your goals.


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