WordPress Website Maintenance

With secure website hosting and maintenance, you can relax.

Your website has to be maintained once it becomes online.

Because of website outages, are you losing out on important leads? Is your website open to security dangers and cyberattacks? If so, you may be paying more than you realise for your existing vendor’s improper website maintenance. Every website, even the older ones, requires upkeep and the capacity to gradually introduce new features. A committed group of business strategists and technical specialists work at Alcinder Tech and are here to help.

Types of Services



Efficiency & Performance

Corporate Compliance

Packages starting at $100

WordPress Website Maintenance

Why is ongoing website maintenance necessary?

since changes to the internet never cease. The appearance and functionality of your website may be impacted by new browser versions, WordPress updates, plugin updates, server changes, and other factors. It will always operate as it should if regular maintenance is performed.

Your website could be hacked if it isn’t properly maintained. Worldwide, hackers target 30,000 websites every day. Which one of them will be yours? Not on Alcinder Tech’s watch.

Even if we didn’t build your website, any business with a WordPress website ought to think about purchasing a website maintenance subscription from Alcinder tech. Our website security solutions offer invaluable assurance, safeguarding the virtual clientele’s experience.

No matter when the website was created, Alcinder Tech provides maintenance plans for almost all WordPress websites. As a website ages, in fact, website maintenance packages become even more crucial. Businesses can be exposed to risk and website vulnerabilities due to outdated infrastructure.

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